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All of our individual dog runs are 27 feet long including inside and outside. You may bring your own food or we provide it. Same charge either way. You may bring bedding, blankets, toys, even crates as long as they fit.

$35 per night (includes feeding and medication distribution if by food)* 

$60 per night for two dogs in same run

*Medication not distributed by food - $5 per distribution 



​For our cats, we provide a spacious, colorful cat room filled with 8 foot high cat condominiums with multiple perches.

Cats enjoy a nice outside window view in the quiet country.

$20 per night

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At your request, we can place your dog in the 20' X 60' exercise pen for a 30 minute session for $5 for one dog, $8 for two dogs.


$35 per night for one dog

$60 per night for two dogs

$20 per night for cat

$5 for Exercise Pen (one dog), $8 for two dogs per session

We charge by the night. On pickup day, pets picked up between 8 - 10 AM, no charge. Pets picked up between 4:30 - 6 PM are charged a full day.